We are selling a collection of our successful companies from the Lord Guilfoyle Group. Some companies are more established than others and below you will find a list of companies included in the sale along with their current turnover against their potential turnover alongwith a small description of the company and a link to their website.

Gaia Luxury Gym Clothing

Gaia Luxury Gym Clothing is a new company that we set up in December. We currently have a catalogue of over 70 products available to purchase on our website. At Gaia we want to provide luxury and premium-quality gym clothing that gives a solution to many conventional garments already on the market.

Turnover: £10,000 (First 4 Months) / £500,000 (Per Year/Potential)

Evolves Fashion

Evolves Fashion is a small, independant dropshipping company selling luxury items of clothing for discount prices. We use a trusted wholesale company to source our products on demand as well as a collection of mainstream shops bought on bulk.

Turnover: £2,000 (Since starting in July 2019)/£50,000 (Per year/Potential)

Tanfords Auctions

Tanfords Auctions is a premium actions company selling luxury vehicles at auctions around the country. We did not have the capital to fully invest in the company but has been fully-planned. Our below predicted turnover has been calculated based on 10 auctions a year with 100 cars of varied value.

Turnover: £0 / £30,000,000 (Per Year/Potential)

CAMARAN Photography

CAMARAN Photography is our oldest company that is currently opperating. CAMARAN has a substansial portfolio of landcape images which can be sold as calendars, jigsaw puzzles and more. CAMARAN also specialises in event photography for Christenings, Funerals and Weddings. The company can be run without any photographic experince by using the existing portfolio and selling framed prints online.

Turnover: £24,000 (Per Year/Since 2016) / £25,000 (Maximum Potential)

If you have any questions about any of the companies included in this sale then please do let me know via email or phone.

Email: [email protected] or [email protected]

Phone: 07779972106

Many Thanks

Lord Callum Guilfoyle