Gaia Luxury Gym Clothing is a new company that we set up in December. We currently have a catalogue of over 70 products available to purchase on our website. At Gaia we want to provide luxury and premium-quality gym clothing that gives a solution to many conventional garments already on the market.

Each piece is designed to specific requirements to make a quality and initiative garment that makes it more comfortable and more practical to exercise in. We truly understand the daily issues faced with regular gym clothing and endeavour to engineer a solution for each-and-every problem.

We are unique, modern and innovative. We have had numerous sales since we opened and have had huge success without advertising reaching tens of thousands of people in just a couple of days. Our average month consists of at least 1200 visitors to our website with a majority purchasing between 1 and 2 items.

Our current estimated annual turnover for our first year is £500,000 with a profit of £300,000. We are currently using a print-on-demand supplier in order for us to establish the company and build a name before moving onto our own private manufacture. With this a larger profit would be made.

If you would like to view our website to get an idea of products etc then please do at For your reference, we have decided to sell the company to pay for unexpected personal costs. This is a very scalable company and turnover can be easily increased with more advertising.

Our most recent marketing campaign that lasted for 2 days reached over 10,000 people on Facebook, Instagram and Messenger with the majority visiting our online store and a number of that placing an order. This is an excellent opportunity to grab hold of the fashion industry with Gaia Luxury Gym Clothing and to continue revolutionising the world of gym clothing.