10 Tips To Ensure You Make The Right Decision When Buying An Electric Scooter for your Commute

Buying An Electric Scooter for your Commute

Are you searching for the best e-scooter deals? While an electric scooter can be a worthwhile investment, making the wrong choice can leave you with regret concerning such a purchase. That is why we have compiled several handy tips worth considering that will help you make a wise decision when buying an electric scooter.


1).        Scooter Weight

You should know the scooter’s weight before purchasing.  Its weight is a vital element that will significantly influence how the scooter handles when used. Therefore, consider lighter models if you are traveling short distances, and go for the heavier scooters with more power if you are to cover long miles or drive for longer periods.


2).        Wheel Size

The e-scooter wheel size must suit the terrain you frequent. Put in a bit more effort into learning the routes you will traverse using the scooter. It’s a paved, dirt, or smooth road. Consider bigger wheels if most of the terrain is rough, bumpy, or with loose surfaces (predominantly sand and small gravel). Small wheels are ideal for smooth and well-paved roads or surfaces.


3).        Motor Power

The motor power is another vital factor to consider when buying an electric scooter. If you reside in a hilly area, then the scooter you pick should have a motor power of at least 400W to scale the steep terrain with ease. Please note that the higher the motor power, the better the scooter performs when going uphill (it will accelerate effortlessly and not lose its speed). Also, keep in mind that the motor power and wheel size must be well-matched. Therefore, a powerful scooter will need larger wheels.


4).        Tire Type

When considering the wheels, you must also think of the type of tires to use. With the market having an array of electric scooters, expect them to have different tires. For instance, there are air-filled pneumatic or solid-rubber tires. The pneumatics can be tubeless or with tubes. They are similar to the ones fitted in cars and trucks. It means your electric scooter will be susceptible to experiencing punctures when on surfaces with objects that can pierce through the tire. However, that is not the case with solid-rubber tires. You can traverse an array of terrain without worrying about punctures but also must contend with a less smooth, comfy ride compared to when using the e-scooter is running on pneumatic wheels.


5).        Warranty, Coverage, After-Sales Support

Review the warranty before purchasing the scooter. Ideally, it would be best to go for a make and model from a reputable brand, and that has a 6-month or more product warranty. Also, check the coverage and learn which parts are replaceable. Furthermore, ensure that the e-scooter you pick has a provision for after-sales support.


6).        Cost-Effectiveness

Most e-scooters are not cheap. Prices are anywhere between $600 AUD to $5500 AUD; therefore, your electric scooter’s value will be significant. That makes it an investment worth planning for, but one that is better than buying the costlier petrol-powered car. With the e-scooter, you will save a lot on gas over an extended period. You also will not have to deal with parking fees, most of the time.  As such, a scooter is a perfect option if you are considering a cost-efficient transport solution that has low operation and maintenance costs.


7).        Mileage

Consider your mileage when deciding which electric scooter to buy, especially if you plan to use it daily. Determine the maximum distance the scooter will cover before needing a recharge and/or servicing, and then compare the two. Make sure you leave some leeway for the miles you will cover, which will account for things such as the terrain and speed traveled.


8).        Battery

Remember to check the battery type and quality since this is what powers the electric scooter. Many e-scooters run on lithium-ion batteries, which are quite expensive. That is why the battery for your scooter should last long, allowing you to travel miles when fully charged. Cheap batteries might seem like a money-saving bargain, but they have a shorter lifespan and lower performance. Check out our chargers and battery section to find the different brands we have on offer. You are bound to find one that suits your needs.


9).        After-Sale Services

Does your new purchase come with an after-sales service? Consider buying from scooter brands that offer such services. While you expect your newly bought electric scooter to run faultlessly and you plan not to mishandle it, you never know what can happen. Therefore, you need some guidance regarding parts replacements such as replacing worn-out tires or fixing the brakes.


10).      Added Functionality

If all determine the scooter of interest meets all the things we have mentioned above, the last issue to consider is extra functionalities. For this, you should assess the scooter’s accessories regarding safety and comfort.


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