January 2021

business advisor

Why Business Advisors Can Ensure the Survival of Your Venture

Many companies exist from day-to-day in survival mode, barely scraping by and certainly not growing in any meaningful way. In tough economic times like the present, this is understandable, but there comes a time when you need to take a good hard look at your processes and see where improvements can be made. Unfortunately, unless you are an expert in everything from accounting to IT and marketing, there are...

outdoor events

A Complete Guide To Hosting Outdoor Events In 2021

With the coronavirus pandemic continuing to have a massive impact on our lives, many businesses are weighing up their options for outdoor events. Once the current lockdown eases and the weather gets warmer, hosting outdoor events can be an excellent way for businesses to get back on their feet while staying COVID safe. If you’re planning to throw an outdoor even when government restrictions allow,...

Unexpected Expenses

6 Ways To Cover Yourself Against Unexpected Expenses

Not all unexpected events are adverse. However, most of the more significant ones tend to hurt your financial future. The possibility of unanticipated economic challenges dictates that you make the necessary changes in handling your money. Planning adequately and saving early cushions you against such emergencies, and you can manage them effectively when they come knocking.   1:        ...

Lease Agreements

Explainer: The 2 Main Types Of Property Lease Agreements

If you need business premises, there are two types of rental agreements that you can explore with the property owner. If you need the business premises for a short term, you can explore a license agreement while if you need the premises in the long-term, you can go for a lease agreement.   Below, we will explore the two main types of lease agreements you can enter into with a property...

Hosting A Virtual Trade Show

Hosting A Virtual Trade Show: What You Need To Know

With the coronavirus pandemic still affecting the way businesses operate, many industries have had to forgo their usual annual trade shows, conventions and conferences. What a lot of businesses are choosing to do instead is to host virtual events. This has many benefits – staying safe from coronavirus is just one. A virtual trade show will ensure better attendance, with guests not having to arrange...

Reach Out To For Support

Who Can Charities Reach Out To For Support?

Charities spend a great deal of time generously helping others, working hard to improve the wellbeing of many. However, it’s unreasonable to assume that those who offer support don’t occasionally need a helping hand themselves sometimes. Running a charity isn’t easy, and it comes with a plethora of time-consuming responsibilities that can quickly become intensely overwhelming. In times such as...

Buying An Electric Scooter for your Commute

10 Tips To Ensure You Make The Right Decision When Buying An Electric Scooter for your Commute

Are you searching for the best e-scooter deals? While an electric scooter can be a worthwhile investment, making the wrong choice can leave you with regret concerning such a purchase. That is why we have compiled several handy tips worth considering that will help you make a wise decision when buying an electric scooter.   1).        Scooter Weight You should know the scooter’s...

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