value of your company
Does your Technology Infrastructure increase the value of your company?

Technology plays a role in many aspects that impact the overall value of the company: operations, capabilities, strategic positioning, agility, scalability, employee and customer experience, and even how you are perceived from an M&A perspective (elements such as the cost of upgrading an acquired organization and the ease of integrating business systems should always be…

How to structure your business for a future sale?

You work hard to build up a successful business. You invest your personal savings and might even have to borrow starting capital from friends and family. In the initial stage of your business, you re-invest all profit in your business and work for the minimum wage. Your business slowly grows and your income too. For…

Car Insurance for Your Business
Car Insurance for Your Business

Having car insurance is very important if you own a car at this time. When you get your car insured, you must tell the insurer the actual use of the car.   If it’s for business purposes, you should get business car insurance or get regular insurance for basic everyday driving. If you need an…

7 Ways for a Stress-free Life
7 Ways for a Stress-free Life In Your Senior Age

As we grow up and start working for 8 hours a day, the realization kicks in that life is not a fairy tale. It comes with moments of happiness blended with stress too. The main reason for stress in life is either your relationships or finances. Both require time, efforts, and a break. Yet, the…


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