November 2017

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5 Reasons Your Business Should Be Accepting Bitcoin

In the UK alone, there more than 200,000 businesses accepting Bitcoin or some other form of cryptocurrency as payment for goods or services. With figures that high, UK business owners can’t afford not to start accepting Bitcoin as payment. This decentralised currency is being used by more and more people all over the world and they have come to expect that this form of payment will become standard...

Business Trade Centre

Did the Price of Gold Explode After Brexit Vote Like Experts Predicted

Months before Brexit, some analysts predicted a surge in gold prices should the British decide to vote in favour of leaving the European Union. In Business Insider UK’s article ‘HSBC: Gold could explode if Britain votes for Brexit’, HSBC chief precious metals analyst James Steel and his team were quoted as saying that “gold prices could explode if Britons decide to vote for leaving the European...

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