August 2020

office signs

The Psychology of Office Signage

Workplace psychology is an increasingly important area of study in the modern world. For many people, their day job - the thing they do to contribute to the world - is a key part of their sense of self and emotional wellbeing, and the signage at their place of employment can affect how they feel about it. Psychological studies conducted throughout the previous 100 years have concluded time and again...

proper popcorn

5 Tips For Growing Your Food Business with Proper Popcorn

Proper Popcorn have gone from being a small start-up to being a nationally recognised name in the USA. So, how do you grow your business like they did. They share some tips below. 1. Know Your Customers Take time to get to understand your customers and what makes them tick. The best restaurateurs are able to recall first and last names, the names of spouses, where they work, live, play, the type of...

business funding

An Alternative View To Business Finance In The UK

When it comes to business funding, there are many options available. Although the type of business that you have, along with the level of funding that you require will determine what financing option you explore. Angel Investor Angel investors are individuals with a high net worth that look to back businesses in return for an equity stake. This type of funding is usually favourable by start-ups and...

how to sell a cleaning business

How To Sell a Cleaning Business

Are you thinking of selling your cleaning business, or do you want to retire and get out while you still can? Your business may have experienced a downturn, and you're thinking about selling it. Perhaps you'd like to change your life and career.   Irrespective of your position, there are some things you need to consider and answer questions before you proceed. Our Guide on how to sell a...

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