July 2020

is it time to sell a business

Is it Time to Sell the Business?

The global pandemic has resulted in some of the most unprecedented economic downtimes throughout the world. Recent statistics showing the UK having the highest economic slump as compared to other countries like Germany, France, Spain, and Italy may have left you as a business owner confused. Compounded by the confusion and uncertainty on how to re-open safely and effectively makes the picture grim. So, is...

cloud storage

3 Tips To Facilitate A Smooth Cloud Migration Process

You might be feeling overwhelmed by moving to cloud storage after onsite-database options. There are a few things to consider such as data protection on the cloud, management of the transition to the cloud and the overall control of data since it’s not hosted on the premises. You might be looking for ways to ensure total security for your data when it’s on the cloud.   Well, you should know...

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