8 Things Every Electrician Needs To Succeed In The Trade

8 Things Every Electrician Needs To Succeed In The Trade

If you are hoping to start a career as an electrician, then there are a number of tools, equipment and skills that you will need first. Proper training is crucial to ensure that you work safely and to the highest legal standards. You will also need the best in equipment and accessories to do your job well.

Here are seven of the most important things that an electrician needs to succeed in the job.

Proper Training

Technical skills are naturally the most important thing that any electrician will need. Electrical work can be dangerous, so ensuring that you are trained to the appropriate level will be crucial for your success. It is also a legal requirement that anyone working with electrics is trained to a proper standard.

There are many training routes that you could take to become a qualified electrician. You could consider an apprenticeship if you are a school leaver or a local college training course. If you have aged out of the apprenticeship bracket, then you could consider getting a job as an electrician’s assistant. This will provide you with on-the-job training that you can then supplement with a course in an institution.

Top-Notch Equipment

You will need the very best in tools and equipment to do your job to the highest possible standard. You will need many items in your electrician’s toolkit, from electrical tape to cable cutters and safety knives.

Shop around to find the best place to buy your equipment. You should check out online reviews and seek recommendations from other people in the trade to ensure you find the right equipment that will stand the test of time and heavy use.

Excellent Communication Skills

Communicating clearly and concisely with customers, suppliers, and other professional tradespeople is crucial for any electrician. You will encounter situations where there may be danger to you and the people around you, so being a confident communicator is essential for keeping you and those around you safe.

You will also be taking queries and giving quotes over the phone so a good phone manner can be helpful. You want customers to keep coming back when they need you, so you should ensure that you have a professional, friendly way of communicating.

A Reputable Wholesaler

As an electrician, you will need the services of a high quality, trustworthy wholesaler to buy the equipment you need for your trade, such as electrical cables, fuses and circuit protection. When choosing an electrical wholesaler, you should do some research into the items they provide to see if they suit your requirements. Selecting an online electrical wholesaler can be advantageous, as online suppliers often have more access to items than brick and mortar stores. Although many of the leading electrical wholesalers also have a brick and mortar store you can visit to collect your supplies from.

If you need a reliable, industrial electrical wholesaler who provides a next work day, nationwide delivery service, take a look at Expert Electrical. As a wholesaler with years of industry experience, Expert Electrical are the ideal choice for any electrician.

Constant Development

Any good tradesperson should spend time developing and honing their skills. Proper development should include additional courses and training that can enable you to provide a broader range of services or specialist skills.

You could also consider taking business and management classes that will allow you to better manage and grow your electrical business.

Proper development at every stage of your career will give you the best chance to earn good money, and stay at the top of your game.


Having the proper accreditation from an industry body is crucial to show prospective customers that you are dependable, knowledgeable and trustworthy. You should look into the different accreditation available and see which you could benefit from.

For instance, you could become accredited with TrustMark, a government-endorsed scheme that vets tradespeople to ensure that they are to a high standard of knowledge, experience and trustworthiness. These are often the tradespeople recommended by charities and organisations for vulnerable customers, such as the elderly or disabled people.

Attention To Detail

You will need excellent attention to detail to be an effective electrician. Electrical work is precise and delicate, so having a good eye for detail will ensure that you are capable of doing the best job.  A good eye for detail will also be invaluable to help you locate issues and carry out troubleshooting work.

Customer Service Skills

The key to attracting and retaining customers is to ensure that they have a positive and memorable experience with you. Word of mouth and online reviews are crucial to ensuring that your business will be a success.

It will also help if you provide follow up services, such as sending a text or email after completing a job to ensure that everything is satisfactory. You could also consider including a request for your customer to leave you a review on your own website if you have one, or on a review aggregator like Trustpilot.

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