How To Hire Refrigerated Vans for Business

The world of refrigerated vans in not something about which most people know a great deal. Given the plethora of options on the market, it is often hard to determine precisely what you need. As such, the FridgeXpress offer three great tips to make the process easier.

Deliberate carefully

First of all, not every refrigerated van is the same, so make sure you have a good understanding of exactly what you need when you begin the shopping process. Some of the key considerations will be explained below.

The necessary temperature level is a critical first consideration. When transporting items such as frozen foods, you will need to be able to maintain a temperature of -25 at all times. Food such as ice cream that thaws and re-freezes will have small ice crystals that produce a grainy mouth feel that is undesirable, and the same thing can happen to non-edible goods. As such, you need a van that keeps a reliable temperature.

Should you need to transport medicines or other pharmaceutical goods, you will want a double compartment vehicle that meets all necessary product specifications.

Payload is another key consideration.

Contemplate how much you need to transport safely on a given day. Calculate your requirements and determine which size van will be necessary for efficient travels. It is possible to find vans that are designed to maximise the volume of goods that can be carried in one trip.

Van wheelbase is another key factor, because it impacts load space for your goods. If the products you transport are packed on pallets, van dimensions will be a critical element in your decision making.

Other features may also play a role in your van selection. Once you have chosen the size and shape of the van you need, think about things such as anti-slip flooring, racking, and shelving. To do this, bear in mind what sorts of goods are likely to be carried in the van regularly. Products that require packing in extra ice will require different surroundings than other goods, so that must never be forgotten.

Stying may also play a larger role than you think in the process of choosing a refrigerated van. Regardless of what you plan to transport, there is no reason that your van cannot be attractive and professional-looking as well. No matter if you want to lease or purchase your van, take some time to explore styling options. Steering wheels are available that offer a car-like appearance, and premium seating and sound systems are also available. In the end, you can end up with a van that is a true pleasure to drive.

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