Self Employed And Not Received Payment?

Self Employed and not received payment

If you are self-employed and not received payment, this can be difficult. When it comes to customers or contractors paying, most pay on time. Without a doubt though, you will encounter people who pay you late or not at all.

Getting paid is essential for you. Many self-employed people live wage to wage. An unpaid invoice or a customer not paying is never a good thing.  When this happens, you have to remain calm and collected.

With the pandemic making things tough, some people have been using this as an excuse not to pay their dues.

There are ways to make sure you get paid but here are some advisory tips to help you.

Remain professional

It can be really difficult to remain calm if you have not been paid on time but you must. There are numerous reasons for why a customer or suchlike has not paid you yet.

Whatever you do, never resort to threats or abusive language. This plays into their hands and can give them an excuse not to pay all.

Dealing with difficult people

It is a reality of life that some people are just awkward. It gives them a sense of power to be spiteful to others especially when it comes to money.

Always be calm and methodical however difficult that is. Tell yourself you are going to get paid, one way or the other. That will help ease tension.

Always get jobs in writing

Creating a contract for every job is critical. It is your proof that you have done the work. This applies to all aspects of being self-employed. Whether you are a tradesman, a locum dentist or a chauffeur.

Make sure the agreed work is documented and the price for your services agreed. It avoids any doubt for either party.

Although it could be time consuming, you will be safe in the knowledge that you have proof of your entitlement.

A contract can provide you with peace of mind. A legally binding document that has all the details that have been agreed beforehand.

There are many different forms of contract templates available on the web for your use, whatever sector you work in.

Do your homework, perform some checks

When providing services to someone, do your checks. Make sure they are not known for not paying up. We all know those type of people who like to free load their way through life. A few basic checks should ensure you will get paid.

Get assistance

If you are self employed and have not been paid then do not be afraid to get help. For heavily disputed debts, you will need to seek Legal advice with a view to legal action.

If the debt you are owed is straight forward, Professional Debt Collection is a great option.

Whether you need a Debt Collection Agency in Nottingham or a Debt Collection Agency in Preston, there are options to help you.

Frontline Collections are the famous name for helping self-employed people get paid across the UK. There are a few other notable names too such as Federal Management for Small Businesses debt collection.

Alternatively, you can visit who can do a debt collection comparison for you. Cheap is not cheerful when it comes to choosing Professional debt collectors. Stay away from the ones who claim  ‘no win no fee’ as they tend to be unprofessional.

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