Who Can Charities Reach Out To For Support?

Reach Out To For Support

Charities spend a great deal of time generously helping others, working hard to improve the wellbeing of many.

However, it’s unreasonable to assume that those who offer support don’t occasionally need a helping hand themselves sometimes. Running a charity isn’t easy, and it comes with a plethora of time-consuming responsibilities that can quickly become intensely overwhelming. In times such as these, it’s important for charities to reach out for support.

In line with this, you will find a few suggestions as to who your charity can confidently approach for a mutually beneficial arrangement!

IT Support Services

It’s important that you’re able to bring your business into the future and keep up to date with all the latest technologies where possible.

If you’re a charity who operates in the South East, it will be worthwhile looking into IT support in Kent. You’ll naturally want to work with those who have a real yearning to help your charitable endeavours out of kindness, and this provider offers support for charities. Impreza take the reins in all the important areas like data protection, software development, and cybersecurity solutions, ensuring your charity is updated with all the state-of-the-art services you could ask for. They understand the constrained budgets and limitations charities can face too, so they’re no strangers to empathy and compromise – much like your charity!

Computers are now a must-have piece of equipment in today’s digital era, and not only this, but all the latest upgrades are essential too. To operate effectively in today’s climate, your charity must be backed-up, booted, and ready to be fired up at a moments notice. IT support services have all of that covered on your behalf.

Charitable Organisations

Unlike businesses, charities aren’t necessarily in competition with one another, so there’s nothing stopping them from working together.

The Guardian published an article in 2018, mentioning a recent roundtable where 25 charities assembled to discuss how to respond to future disasters, developing a dialogue around helping people in times of crisis. They all collaborated, doubling down on their efforts to help others as one. The same article notes that when Grenfell occurred, large charities like the London Community Foundation also funnelled their raised funds to smaller charities, so that they could help in their own respective ways.

No matter what your charities aims are, it is important to remember that your organisation is a part of community outreach. Therefore, if your charity is feeling cut-off and isolated, it’s time to perform a sharp U-turn immediately. You can flourish everything that makes your charity special through working with other like-minded organisations, coming together for the greater good.

Retail Businesses

Working with retail services can be a great move for your organisation.

Retail businesses are drawn to working with charities, as they humanise their operations and give them a more rounded corporate identity. Having something other than profits at the fore of their public image is absolutely in their interests. For example, you will often see fundraisers outside supermarket entrance ways, buckets in hand ready to accept donations. They embrace it!

Working with a retail business can provide your charity with funding, resources, and enhance the overall reach of your endeavour. However, GOV.UK rightly advises exercising a degree of caution here. This is because your charity cannot work with a non-charitable organisation for any reason other than aiding your beneficiaries. Of course, the same rules apply when you’re operating solo too. So long as everything is right and proper, a mutual working relationship can be established.


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