4 Great Transportation Based Businesses You Could Start Right Now

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The whole world has been in a state of turmoil lately, but one area that has seen more business than ever is everything related to transportation. These services were already poised to disrupt all sorts of industries but have been able to literally save the economy and keep it going during these tough times. This is why now is a great time to enter the field, and it’s a great option to consider if you want to start a business or pivot from your current one. Let’s take a look at a few great transportation businesses you could start right now.

Courier Service

Starting a courier service is much more accessible than many imagine and there are tons of opportunities for those who are ready to do the work. Once you start building a reputation for good service, you could start expanding and lending gigs with major retailers. Amazon, for instance, relies on a large network of independent couriers to make local deliveries.

You can start as big or small as you want. You could start with a whole fleet or just a van. If you decide to work as a self-employed worker, you have to make sure that you start with the right vehicle. You shouldn’t spend too much here and instead look at slightly used units. Make sure that the car is reliable, fully serviced, and with a valid MOT. You could also look at a lease if you want to reduce the cashflow hit at the beginning, but you will need to look at a commercial one.

Another thing you’ll need to start calculating is your operating costs. You will need to look at things such as fuel, maintenance, and insurance. For insurance, we suggest you check out QuoteZone. They know everything there is to know about courier van insurance. Not only are they a great resource for those looking for courier van insurance, but they will also allow you to compare between top insurance providers in the country and get the best policy possible right from their site.

Note that you don’t need to have any formal qualifications in order to work as a courier independently. However, you might still want to get some qualifications so you’ll be a better driver. You’ll also be able to use this as a selling point. You might want to join organisations like the National Courier and Dispatch Association if you want to come off as more credible.

Car Shuttle Service

Even if services like Uber have cornered large portions of the market, there is still a big need for special transportation services. Car shuttle services are still very popular, and the barrier to entry is not that high. This is also something you can start with a van, but you can also go for a bus if you have more capital to invest and are ready to shoulder the risk.

You might be asked to take people to and from the airport; you might have to shuttle people from one location to a particular venue or event; or you might have to take people to various areas in the city. This means that you will need to have a good understanding of your city’s geography before you start.

You can also start building a fleet and hiring drivers. You will need to take the time to choose good drivers and make sure that you have the logistics down as well. You will need to invest in tools to monitor their performance and driving habits. Former truck and bus drivers make for great candidates. You also should check for any special licenses needed for shuttle drivers with the DVLA.

Special Delivery Services

You could also specialise in transporting particular items, like car parts, for instance. Or, you could go for an even more specialised niche like livestock. You may be asked to transport chickens or cows from city to city, for example. This is one of those evergreen sectors where’s there’s a constant demand and not a lot of providers.

You could decide to run this on your own or hire drivers. Also, know that this sector is a bit more regulated than others, so you will need to know the rules and regulations if you want to remain compliant.

Food Catering

If you love cooking and have a great sense of organisation, then you could also start a catering business. A lot of people are turning to food delivery these days but are looking for better options than takeaways. You could start by renting commercial kitchen space with one or a few vans. You can start with a few gigs, and work your way up. You could work on events, with corporate clients, or with everyday customers.

These are all great options for people who would like to work in a transportation-related business. They all have their advantage and drawbacks, so make sure that you look into them in detail.

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