Business Travel Planning Tips To Help Ease Your Journeys

Business Travel Planning
  1. Before You Travel

Business Travel Modalities

Irrespective of the reasons or nature for your travels, you should never head out unprepared. Plan your trip accordingly, setting the course of the entire journey. Business travel should also have some elements of fun. Hence, below are a few tips to ensure your business travels are in order before setting off.

  • Sign up for TSA PreCheck

Always be on time for every flight by signing up for Global Entry or TSA Precheck to help you bypass the inconveniences of long security lines.

  • Book An Early Flight

Booking an early flight can save you from the instances of delayed or cancelled flights. You will have plenty of time to make the necessary adjustments, even if such things happen. Avoid taking the last flight.

  • Make Copies Of Essential Documents

Take pictures or scan your passport, driver’s license, and other essential documents, keeping the copies somewhere safe and accessible when the need arises. With copies of these documents, your mind will be at ease if you lose your luggage or wallet.

  • Manage Your Money

If you travel frequently, you will benefit from using a business travel credit card with options like rewards accrued from travel purchases like hotel bookings, airfare, and rental cars.

  • Create A Travel Itinerary

If your company or you do not have a ready itinerary, consider using an app on your phone to help you plan your trip and ensure you make the most of your business travels.


Business Travel Packing Tips

You will pack a few essentials that you will carry with you on your trip. Therefore, you should figure out what you need and plan appropriately to avoid having bulky luggage everywhere you go. The following tips will be helpful:

  • Bring Extra Outfits

Carry an extra change of clothes, taking the time to think of any leisure outing or other activities you scheduled in your travels.

  • Charge All Your Electronics

Ensure all the electronic gadgets you plan to take with you are fully charged before heading off for your business trip. Do not assume that you will find the time or charging points at the airport or in-flight. Pack a portable charging system when possible.

  • Pack Healthy Snacks

Avoid taking unhealthy in-flight snacks and skip those overpriced airport meals. Prepare healthy snacks that you will bring you, ensuring you are fueled on the go. Give preference to mess-free, nutritious goodies like dried fruit, trail mix, and crackers.

  • Do Not Check Any Luggage

Sticking to carry-on bags from Monos can prove handy when it comes to avoiding the stress of late or lost luggage during depart or arrival. Moreover, you get to avoid the slow lines and waiting for checked luggage at the exit points.

  1. During Your Trip

Business trips are an opportunity for growth and making new connections. However, navigating the airport can be challenging, and being comfortable during the flight might seem impossible. You can rely on the following tips to avoid such stresses and be comfortable when you start your trip and get to your destination.

Business Travel Airport Tips

The airport can seem like a maze, especially when running late. But your mind can be at ease as you go about the different aspects of your journey when you get to the airport. Consider implementing the following tips:

  • Check-In Before Getting There

You can avoid the hassle of check-in lines and make the most of the airport time by using the airline’s app on your phone to check-in for your flight online.

  • Lessen TSA Time

You can avoid losing time at the security checkpoints by reviewing your luggage to ensure you have packed everything you need, excluding prohibited items, and that your bag is light.

  • Utilize The Business Lounge

You can have free access to more than 700 airport lounges worldwide by signing up for the American Express Business Platinum Card. It is the perfect way of getting some work done in quiet and comfort while at the airport as you wait for your flight.

  • Fly On (Not Around) Holidays

Airports tend to get crowded on the days leading up to holidays. If you must travel during such periods, consider flying on the D-day (like Easter or Christmas) to avoid the bustle and overbooked flights.

Business Travel Flight Tips

Your woes might not be over once you get through the airport checks and requirements and board the plane. Below are some handy flight tips that can help ensure things flow smoothly as you set to fly.

  • Keep A Tennis Ball Handy

Rolling a tennis ball under your feet can help reduce stiffness. It also works on aching or cramping points.

  • Carry Earplugs

Why lose your sleep because of a loud seatmate or crying baby? You can deafen those noises using quality earplugs and enjoy a slight flight.

  • Be Friendly With The Flight Crew

Strive to maintain a pleasant demeanour when conversing with the flight attendants. You can bring a small gift like candy. Such sharing can help improve the crew’s mood as they attend to you therein, resulting in a memorable flight experience.

  • Skip The Alcohol

Try not to indulge in the flight cocktails since alcohol can increase dehydration and worsen jet lag.

  1. Once You Arrive

You will relish a smooth experience upon reaching your destination, especially after a long flight. You want to relax and unwind as you prepare for tomorrow’s activities.

Business Travel Car & Lodging Tips

The following tips might prove handy when it comes to ensuring that you avoid the hustle of your stay and being up and about once you arrive.

  • Negotiate A Better Rental Deal

When booking a rental vehicle, consider upgrading to a premium car, and negotiate for a lower price.

  • Ask For A Room Upgrade

Inquire at the front desk if there can upgrade your accommodation if it is not too much to ask. If the season is slow, you might bet a better room without having to pay extra.

  • Look Into Alternative Lodging

Alternative accommodation at places like an Airbnb can help you avoid luxurious hotels’ high costs at almost the same comfort levels.

Business Travel Health Tips

Overall, your health is essential during your trip, and when you get back. That is why we have put together the following tips to help address this issue.

  • Get Enough Sleep

Sleep deprivation, coupled with jet lag, can have an adverse effect on you. You can avoid this by taking short naps when at the airport waiting for your flight and in-flight.

  • Exercise

Hit the hotel gym, go for a swim or walk after meetings can help reduce travel stress, and increase productivity.

  • Hydrate Often

Traveling by air or road can leave you dehydrated. That is why you should pack some water and drink often. Also, consider taking water-rich foods like apples, watermelons, and cucumbers.

  • Eat Healthily

Unhealthy food choices can make you regret every moment of your trip. Therefore, plan accordingly, stocking up on healthy snacks and opting for nutritious meals.

  • Take An Immune Booster

Taking immune supplements can help you avoid post-travel illness during your business trips. Also, consider packing a hand sanitizer for extra precaution when in crowded places.

  • Stick To The Routine

Lastly, all the things listed about can define a routine you can follow during your travels. Be consistent in abiding by the plan, like eating at a set time, working out after meals, and ensuring you get enough sleep.


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