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If you have seen a business you are interested in purchasing, one of the first things you are probably considering is if you have the capital to make the purchase. The good news is that there are a number of finance options available here in the UK. Most banks and financial institutions are able to provide a variety of loans, both unsecured and secured. Although you may think that securing a business loan is a lengthy and complicated process, many banks have designed the process to be as straightforward as possible.

Secured business loan

There are many loan products available for small businesses, however, most are secured against the business’s assets. This means you will need to undertake thorough research into the potential business and you will need to know what equipment they own and the business’s value. The bank will also be interested in your past experience and qualifications – they will want to know if you are capable of running the business. The most time-consuming process is putting together a business plan, which is essential for most bank loans. Although it does take time, it will speed the process up, as the bank will be able to assess the business financials. Although time-consuming, a bank loan is the most popular choice for those looking to buy a business.


How much you will need to save varies from business to business, but in many cases, it is possible to save enough capital. Take the time to research which banks are offering the best savings rates and take advantage of any offers. By saving with a bank, even if it is just a deposit towards a business you want to buy, they will look favourably upon you if you are looking for business finance at a later date.

Angel investors

In the UK, there are a number of wealthy business investors known as business angels. They are well known for providing the start-up capital a business requires during its early development stages. Try to contact an investor with experience in the business you are looking to purchase. A solid business plan will help you to attract investors, allowing you to pick a person who you feel will be right for your business.

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