Various Advantages Of IBCs

Do you need to store and transport a variety of liquids for your business? Are you aware of intermediate bulk containers? In simple terms, these are huge containers used for storage and transportation of a variety of liquids such as detergents, solvents, water, food, chemicals as well as various other types of industry liquids. Here’s a list of some of the many advantages of using IBC totes for storage and transportation of a variety of liquids.


Easy Transportation with Built-In Palettes


Usually, a palette is attached to the bottom of the container which means you don’t need to worry about the palette not being there for your shipments. It also means that these containers are easier to move with the help of a traditional forklift. The employees don’t have to waste time looking for a palette before they decide to load or unload an IBC. They can start their work right away and keep their focus on handling the liquids. When there is a hazardous or flammable liquid in the container, the palette attached to the container comes real handy as it helps in reducing the risk of shipments getting damaged.


Quick Dispensing of Liquids


Another big advantage of these containers is that there is a nozzle attached to the front which means the liquid in the container can be quickly dispensed and there are no complications involved in the dispensing of liquids as these containers are easy to operate. The flow of the liquid can be easily controlled. The control is extremely important when there is flammable or dangerous material in a container as it might damage the facility, put the lives of workers at risk or pollute the environment. The liquid can be kept in the container itself and you can take out as much as you need with the help of the attached nozzle.


Efficient Bulk Storage


If you want to make your storage and manufacturing facility as efficient as possible, you should invest in IBCs. These Containers are available in a capacity ranging from 450 to 3000 L which means 119 to 793 gallons. Huge amount of liquid can be stored in the same container allowing you to save storage space. If your facility has shortage of space, the containers can be stacked easily on top of each other. You can put them aside when there is no need and these can then be redeployed quickly when there is a need to ship or store liquids. It won’t be difficult for you to find an intermediate bulk container with the right liquid storage capacity.


These containers also help in saving money on labor costs. Large batches of liquids can be moved by workers in one go. It allows you to load and unload the inventory in the quickest possible time. Your employees will also take extra care while handling these containers. As these containers have huge capacity, the employees will have to focus on fewer containers which will save from exhaustion and that reduces the risk of errors.


Reusable Containers


These containers can also be reused for reducing the storage costs. There is no need for you to buy a new container every single time when you have to send out a new order. Before reuse, the container needs to be inspected carefully to check for damage, especially when it has just been used for a shipment. The container should be thoroughly washed from inside using a combination of a special cleaning solution and water to make it ready for storage of another batch.




You should be able to find a container that is just right for you regardless of the type of liquid you want to store in it. It can be used for storing drinking water, industrial chemicals or various other types of liquids. If you have a facility that is used for handling a variety of liquids and other chemicals, these containers can be used for all the storage and transportation needs of your business. This makes the process more efficient at your facility as all the storage and shipping equipment can be procured at once and you don’t need to worry about tracking various types of containers.


Durable Containers


If there is one thing businesses worry about most, it is the storage and transportation of hazardous liquids. You want to make sure that everything is safe at all times. These containers are made of strong and durable plastic which means the liquid stored inside is always safe from any harm. A wire shell is used to encase these containers which helps in keeping the container safe during the transportation. These containers are designed to prevent any accidental leaks through punctures or cracks. IBCs are designed to give you peace of mind when transporting liquids.


Intermediate bulk containers are designed for storage and transportation of a variety of liquids which makes them the right choice for your business. Visit whether you need storage solutions for a chemical engineering plant or for preserving drinking water, you can use these containers to increase efficiency, save money and reduce product damage.


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