A Guide to Selling a Company Fast

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As an entrepreneur or a small business owner, you must understand that there are times, where you cannot continue to run your business venture on your own. You may be hindered by the lack of resources, or simply want to move residences. In all such cases, you need to sell a company fast, in order to ensure that you do not lose your money and are ready to move on to managing another business or task at hand.

Here is a guide for people who are looking to sell their investments quickly.

Understanding the Time Value

The first thing that you need to understand is that your time has the maximum value, which should be even greater than your other tangible assets. Research shows that people who are not able to value their time spent in managing a business, are not able to get good value for it. It is essential that you learn about how much time you should willingly give to your business before deciding to sell it and moving on in your business activities.

A common time period of incubation is around six months. If you find that you are not able achieve the desired results within this period; then you should sell a company fast and be ready to move. You should however, follow a number of important steps when looking to sell your business venture.

Understanding Your Selling Reasons

You will only be able to garner the interest of the ideal clients, if you are able to convince them regarding the actual reasons behind selling your business selling. All prospective buyers will always ask you this question. They want to know your reasons for selling a business; otherwise they may not show interest in your business concept.

There are a number of reasons that you can present for selling your company. They can be divided in terms of good reasons or bad reasons. Below, we describe them in more detail so that you can stay away from the bad ones and build your case up on good ones.

Bad Reasons

The worst reason that you can present to a potential buyer is that you feel that it was not a good business idea for you. This means that you are simply degrading your own business and no one else will take interest in it as well.

Another poor reason to present is that you are bored with maintaining the business in its current state. We only get bored of uninteresting concepts and you would not like your business to be viewed as such.

Good Reasons

There are always a few reasons that go well with the business buyers. You can always cite retirement as a cause if you are a senior citizen and actually think that it is too much hassle for you to keep managing your business.

You may also cite family obligations as a necessary and well thought out excuse. No buyer is going to blame you or judge you when you are simply looking to gain more time to spend with your family.

Presenting the Reason

You should also understand that all potential buyers will research further about the reasons that you mentioned, so you should always portray an honest picture. Support your reasons with actual documents or plans if you are citing family obligations. You will find that potential buyers will take greater interest in your business if they believe that your reason for selling a company fast is genuine and you are not looking to simply hand out a liability to them.

The Right Valuation

Once you have presented the right reasons for selling appropriately, it is time to perform an appraisal and understand the right value for your business. You have to make sure that you price your business according to the industry trend. Pricing your business low will cause the investors to think that it must be running disastrously, while pricing higher will dissuade the potential buyers away from your business venture.

You should obtain the services of a local appraiser, ensuring that you obtain the right valuation for your company. A professional appraisal will help you sell a business fast as you will be able to get a detailed explanation of your tangible business components in a detailed report. This report will ensure that you are able to provide a proper document to the potential buyers, who will then be able to take a serious interest in buying your business venture.

Hire a Broker

You can avoid paying commission to a broker if you sell a business yourself. But remember, brokers have a lot more connections and resources available for selling a company fast. They can find you potential buyers a lot quicker and this will allow you to spend your time in performing more productive activities. A broker will also try to get the best price for your business in order to increase their commission. You should communicate consistently with your broker to ensure that you are on the right track when selling a business fast.

Manage Documentation

As your broker starts looking for the right investors for selling your business, you should consider managing the required document. This will help you in quickly changing the business ownership. You should start with collecting the financial information such as income statements and tax returns, as they are required for finalising a deal.

You should ideally create an information packet that contains financial information, business inventory and other relevant documents. You should also include a business dossier that describes your business plan, as well how it is currently running. Potential buyers are excited when they find out that they can easily start to manage a business, after buying it from you.


This brief guide will help you sell a company fast. Sometimes, it is better to employ some help when looking to sell your business. Business Trade Centre is an excellent website in this regard. It helps sellers find prospective business buyers and you can find a number of resources here who are more than willing to take a business out of your hands. You can use our service and find a prospective owner immediately!

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