Top Tips to Help You Brand Your New Website

website branding

Branding a new website needs time and effort to initiate activities that are going to help in building a solid foundation for the website. Below are tips that will go a long way.

There is a lot of work that needs to be done when it comes to branding, and there is a risk of overlooking a couple of important things.

The tips below are going to help you with website branding, and when you use them, they will help you in building brand awareness within the community.

Investing in design and website structure

It is very important to work on making a good first impression.
This is the same case when it comes to branding online. Your website needs to be presented in a way that you want the user to perceive you.

Some tips that will help when it comes to site architecture and strategic design include;
Start by identifying the theme and message of your brand. Ask yourself “what theme should my brand be known for?”. It can be casual or professional. The theme of your website is going to depend on your target audience and the status of your brand.

Hiring a professional graphic designer when it comes to your brand’s logo. There is the option of doing this yourself, and you need to make sure you think five times before finalizing that image as the logo of your brand.

When creating content for your blog, make sure it is something that your target audience wants to see. If it is a resource page, then make sure you can give them the information in the fastest way possible. You should try your best to avoid distractions on the page because it can easily result in the user bouncing from the site.

Doing a usability analysis of the website. This is important because you will be able to know how users flow through the different pages (Google Analytics is a good tool to use in tracking this). You should be looking for ways of improving the page by removing phases or pages that are not relevant.

Identify pages that are top converting then look for ways of making them visible. Some of them are including links on the most important areas of the page (e.g. right header, sidebar, etc.)

Setting a solid content strategy

Content marketing and content distributions are king and queen. You need to have a strategy in place for both elements if you want to implement them effectively.

When creating content for your pages, you should make sure they are linkable (earning natural links).
People are going to link to your pages when:

● It has quality content that provides value to a targeted audience
● Well-formatted and/or well designed
● There is a specific group of users who like it, and the content can be easily understood and consumed

Once you have posted the content on your page, you can begin promoting it using several ways;

Earning mentions from news sites, pitch journalists so they can cover the story or message you are conveying in your content (HARO can be a great option for this technique) according to Cormac Reynolds of

Referencing your content on discussion boards and forums so that audience can learn more about your content.

Email blast to targeted people because it increases visits to the page. Finding blogs that have a lot of traffic and readers and let them know about your content.

Reach out to key influencers from your industry, and get them to help in promoting your asset by giving them incentives (monetary or non-monetary).

Appropriately spreading the brand’s message
The message of your brand has been tailored for a specific audience. It might be spread to a wide audience, but it is going to focus on the people interested in your business for sale .

Tips to consider when spreading the message of your brand
● Integrating offline activities with online assets. If you are sponsoring
● seminars/conferences/meetups offline, then you can have a press page or category on the website where you share the events with the audience.

Writing articles and designing infographics and keeping in mind the message you want your brand to promote.

Using your assets (team members, articles, email list, etc.) in spreading the message of your brand.

Final thoughts
When you leverage your content assets and search marketing efforts, you will be able to succeed with the branding of your site. The tips above will help when it comes to spreading your message easily.

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