) improve my eCommerce success
Will Product Information Management (PIM) improve my eCommerce success?

Customer expectations of how online merchants present information are evolving as consumers spend more time researching product purchases across various eCommerce websites, marketplaces and review sites.   As a result, the importance of high quality, accurate and varied product content presented consistently becomes paramount for retailers, manufacturers and distributors alike. This might explain why, of…

Running a Successful Business
Why Organisation Is Essential for Running a Successful Business

Running your own independent business is no mean feat. The market is notoriously unpredictable, the paperwork is relentless, customers can be problematic, and you have employees to manage. You have to wonder how all the successful entrepreneurs could cope with it. Well, we know for certain that all the top businesspeople have one major thing…

3 Ways Landlords Can Tackle Property Void Issues
3 Ways Landlords Can Tackle Property Void Issues

Property voids are a major area of concern at the moment and it’s normal for some landlords to start to panic. However, failing to find tenants is not an option for many landlords and they might be scrambling for ideas to either repurpose space or at least protecting it until market conditions return to normal….

Tips for Choosing an Accountant
Tips for Choosing an Accountant

You cannot understate the importance of having a good accountant, no matter the industry your small business is in. You can hire a bookkeeper to help you with basic accounting services, an accountant with an accounting degree to help with payroll and more complicated accounting, or a certified public accountant to provide you with tax…

Tips For Second Hand Equipment
Purchasing Tips For Second Hand Equipment

The basic rules are applicable to all types of machines – from spindle molders to bandsaws. Basically, they all have a bed or table, castings, bearings, gears, and a motor.   Castings and beds – These are the most essential components of a machine since you can replace everything else. Check for breakages and cracks….

reward staff
How To Reward Your Staff After A Tough Year

This year hasn’t been easy for anyone with businesses forced to close their doors across the country since March. While many businesses have managed to keep things going from home or have opened up again, it goes without saying that staff and management teams have had to deal with a lot this year. As a…

value of your company
Does your Technology Infrastructure increase the value of your company?

Technology plays a role in many aspects that impact the overall value of the company: operations, capabilities, strategic positioning, agility, scalability, employee and customer experience, and even how you are perceived from an M&A perspective (elements such as the cost of upgrading an acquired organization and the ease of integrating business systems should always be…


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